My name is Nathalie Colleaux.

I studied psychotherapy since more than 10 years, coaching for personal and professional excellence, supporting people who wish to (re)discover their gifts, systemic coaching and constellations, guided meditation and relaxation, and the application of those competencies in team management.
I worked in Belgium and in New York as a therapist, trainer, and facilitator in personal development and coaching workshops.

I focus on people as a person, rather then on their issues or goals. I ensure they feel deeply understood, and work with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues in a comfortable, non judgemental and supportive atmosphere, offering a highly personalized approach tailored to the needs of each person, integrating various approaches.

I am offering a genuine commitment to quality of presence and intention towards the persons, in order to offer them new keys and tools to advance and enhance their lives and unblock their current situation.

More than often, our current blockages and “problems” are coming from strategies of personal protection, defense mechanisms, which we developed in our past and are no longer appropriate, but which we don’t question, out of habit or because they so deeply ingrained.

Together, we are going to explore those in order to develop a new functioning, more appropriate and more efficient.
Nathalie Colleaux
Nathalie Colleaux

  • Adulte
  • Couple
  • Famille
  • Groupe
  • Online
  • Life Coaching
  • Angoisses
  • Burn-out
  • Dépression
  • Deuil
  • Stress
  • Traumatisme

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Nathalie Colleaux

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