Hello everyone !
I am a clinical psychologist, graduated from Louvain Catholic University, specialized in taking care of adults. Overall, I studied different types of psychological counselling, but I am mostly expert in intercultural psychology and a person centered approach.

If you feel uncomfortable in your social and cultural environment, if you experience a lack of meaning in some parts of your identity (family, friends, love, work, religion, leisure, …), or If you face difficulties in solving an intern problem or social disruption, I can help you find (again) a right and balanced functioning.

My vision of the person centered psychology means that you have the best knowledge about your life path. Together, we can work to figure out your own strengths and goals, without being disturbed by references that won’t fit with your personality. I am strongly committed to push away the barriers of the psychological realm, so that it can seek adaptation to every person in the world, and not the other way.

Every 16 yo, adults and couples are welcome in my cabinets. We can also include family members if necessary. My interventions can help you find your way through stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, emotional overload, identity questioning, or any other personal and social problem.

Come and see if my methods are the right skills for your situation, with every benevolence and professionalism !

Psychologue à Ixelles| Céline Aerts

Psychologue à Ixelles| Céline Aerts


  • Adult
  • Child /teenager
  • Couples
    • Aggressiveness
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relational difficulties
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Stress
    • Others..

No need to hesitate, just take the fist step and get in touch !

Do you have other questions or concerns (for example how a psychologist can help you with your problem)? Just call our secretariat to make an appointment or send an email to the secretariat of Expats Brussels, to the attention of the psychologist of your choice.

  • Avenue Air Marshal Coningham 8, 1050 Ixelles / Avenue des Courses 7, 1050 Ixelles / Avenue Maurice 1, 1050 Ixelles
  • Avenue Eugène Plasky 102, 1030 Schaerbeek

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Psychologue à Ixelles| Céline Aerts

Psychologue à Ixelles| Céline Aerts